About the Owners

Welcome to our adventure.

Hi! It’s Kenzie + Darrel.

We have been working so hard on this journey and are so excited to watch it come to life.

I have grown up in a close, supportive family who always have my back and have instilled the farm and country lifestyle around me since I was born. My grandparents grew up on the family farm and value the traditional life of working for your food, clothes and money and we do our best to maintain a hardworking ethic throughout our lives. Although I myself haven't had the opportunity to live on a farm, I have had my share of acreage-living and feeling the freedom of open skies and a horizon of land. 

Darrel has grown up on a farm and has a determined mentality. He is a hardworking, dedicated and always ready for the next adventure. Running heavy equipment for the majority of his working life and owning cattle has given this drive to him that cannot be taught. 

Our dream for this company is to provide our consumers the ability to wear what they want + be comfortable in the western way.